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The documents in the Safe Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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America, Britain, China, and Dutch East Indies (ABCD Powers) I Index

  • Correspondence, reports, memoranda, maps, and charts dated between 11/22/41 and 12/23/41; correspondents include FDR, Sumner Wells, T.V. Soong, Henry Stimson, Joseph Stalin, General MacArthur, Cordell Hull, and others.
  • Topics include: Supreme War Council, US entry into WWII, Chungking Military Conference
America, Britain, China, and Dutch East Indies (ABCD Powers) II Index
  • Correspondence and reports dated between 1/42 and 2/42; correspondents include FDR, John McCrea and Jerry Land.
  • Topics: see above
Alaska Index
  • Correspondence, report, and proposed trip dated 1/20/42 and 6/11/42; correspondents include FDR, J.R. Beardall and McCrae.
  • Topics include: Proposed trip to Alaska or Iceland, War readiness of Alaskan Area
American-British Joint Chiefs of Staff Index
  • Correspondence, reports, memoranda, and maps dated between 9/11/41-1/11/45; correspondents include Stimson, William Leahy, Joint Chiefs of Staff, E.L. Sibert, P.O.A. Davidson, FDR and others.
  • Topics include: Securing Alaska, Hawaii, Panama areas, offensive action in Europe, ABDA area, US-British strategy in WWII, Washington War Conference
Arcadia Index
  • Correspondence, reports, memoranda, and minutes dated between 12/24/41 and 1/14/42; correspondents included FDR and Dudley Pound.
  • Topics include: Operation SUPER GYMNAST, ABDA Area, Movements and Projects in Atlantic Theaters, Conference at Washington, Chiefs of Staff Conference
Army Air Forces Index
  • Correspondence, reports, and charts dated between 1/5/42 and 3/15/44; correspondents include FDR, General Arnold, Harry Hopkins, Winant, Stimson, General Watson
  • Topics included: Military Airplane Acceptance, Utilization of British War Experience, Air Force transportation, criticism of Flying Fortresses and Liberators
Atlantic Charter I Index
  • Correspondence, memos, memoranda, reports, and declarations dated between 7/20/41 and 11/27/51; correspondents include Steinhardt, Hopkins, Winant, Welles, Lord Halifax, Chiang Kai-Shek, FDR and others.
  • Topics include: FDR's trip to meet with Winston Churchill, Protection of Shipping to Iceland, Atlantic Charter, Declarations on war by Germany on US and by the US on Germany and Japan
Atlantic Charter II Index
  • Ingoing/Outgoing messages, telegrams; messages addressed to FDR, Cinclant, OPNAV, Potomac, Augusta, and others.
  • Topics include: Various Naval operations
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