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German Diplomatic Files - Box 31 Folder Titles List

The documents in the German Diplomatic Files are original evidence. They are presented here in both original and text converted formats, although in general, Maps, Charts, Tables and Photographs were not converted into text. Text documents are "keyword" searchable, but have been edited from the orignal, meaning that handwriting and signatures has been deciphered, and OCR errors have been corrected. Original documents serve as snapshots in time, and also as touchstones by which the researcher can judge the text conversions.

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Germany: 1933-38 (i294) Index

  • Correspondences, newspaper articles, memos, and interviews dated between 3/3/33 and 12/23/38; correspondents include FDR, Sumner Welles Cordell Hull, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, Harold Ickes, Lord Lothian, and others.
  • Topics include: interview with Adolf Hitler, German Cotton Deal, German troops in demilitarized zones, Helium Act, American investments in Germany, the issue over the Czechoslovak Territory, and others.
Germany: 1939 (i295) Index
  • Correspondences, German newspaper articles, memos, and charts dated between 12/ 21/38 and 11/18/39; correspondents include FDR, Sumner Welles, Harold Ickes, Cordell Hull, George Messersmith, General Watson, Alexander Kirk, and others
  • Topics included: Hitler's support of Mussolini against France, Ill-treatment of Jews in Germany, Hitler's attacks on democracies, subscription letter to "Friends of Europe", German-Polish problem, and others.
Germany: 1940-41 (i296) Index
  • Correspondences, newspaper articles, reports, maps, and charts dated between 1/ 14/40 and 12/12/41; correspondents include FDR, Cordell Hull, Sumner Welles, Alexander Kirk, Adolf A. Berle, Jr. and others
  • Topics included: German plans to attack Belgium, Hitler declaring war on France and England, German attacks on Norway, Suggestion of Peace Proposal, Listing of Nazi Propaganda Agencies, National Reich's Church of Germany, and others.
Germany: Jan.-Sept. 1944 (i297) Index
  • Correspondences, reports, memos, and maps dated between 8/3/44 and 9/29/44; cor respondents include FDR, Cordell Hull, Henry Stimson, and others.
  • Topics included: Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany, European Advisor y Commission, Cabinet Committee and American policy on post-war treatment of Germany, and others.