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Memorandum for Miss Grace Tully 10/19/44
Note found filed in PSF: State Dept.:Hall (nd)
Unclear note 12/22/44
Department of State Washington-->FDR 10/10/44
The White House Washington-->John Boettiger 10/20/44
Deptartment of State Washington-->FDR,Memorandum (nd)
Department of State Washington-->FDR,Memorandum (nd)
Department of State-->Grace Tully 10/30/44
Stettinius-->FDR 10/27/44
Department of State-->FDR 10/27/44
Am. embassy-->Secretary of State 10/17/44
Department of State-->The President 10/27/44
Comments on Murphy Cable of October 17 (nd)
Secretary of State-->FDR,Memorandum (nd)
FDR-->Secretary of State 09/29/1944
FDR-->Secretary of State 10/20/44
London-->Secretary of State,Telegram 10/07/44
Secretary of State Washington-->FDR,Memorandum 09/25/44
Lancaster House, London, S.W.-->FDR, Letter,E.A.C.(44)12th meeting 11/14/44
Lancaster House, London, S.W.-->FDR, Letter,E.A.C.(44)12th meeting 11/14/44 (in German)
Lancaster House, London S.W.-->FDR, Letter,E.A.C.(44)11th meeting 11/14/44
Report by the European Advisory Commision-->Governments of the United States of America 11/14/44
Agreement on Control Machinery in Germany 11/14/44
Duplicate article in German Writing 11/14/44
Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR, Memorandum 11/23/44
Telegram,Winant-->FDR 11/18/44
Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR, Memorandum 11/25/44
Article of Agreement to Control Machinery in Germany 11/25/44
Memorandum for the President 11/25/44
Memrorandum,Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR 12/4/44
Memorandum,FDR-->Stettinius,Edward Reilly 12/4/44
Memorandum Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR 11/29/44
Memorandum,James F. Byrnes-->FDR 12/11/44
Memorandum,FDR-->S.I.R. 12/14/44
Memorandum,Donoran-->Grace Tully 12/11/44
Memorandum,Donoran-->FDR 12/11/44
Dispatch, Berns-->Donovan 12/8/44
Memorandum,Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR 1/44
Winant-->FDR 1/1/45
Memo,Henry Morgenthau-->FDR 1/10/45
Memo,FDR-->John Boettiger (nd)
Memo,Stettinius,Edward Reilly-->FDR
Map of Berlin (nd)
Foreign Economic Adminisstration-->Grace Tully 1/22/45
Memo,Joseph Crew-->FDR
Memo,FDR-->Secretary of State 3/6/44
Memo,Acting Secretary-->FDR 3/10/45
Memo,FDR-->Secretary of State 4/6/45
Memo,Alan Johnson-->FDR 4/4/45
Memo,Winant-->Dunn, Matthews 3/29/45
List of Control Council, Executive Committee (nd)
List of Control Council, Executive Committee,(Duplicate but larger print) (nd)

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