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Hugh R. Wilson-->FDR 3/12/38
Sumner Welles-->FDR 4/22/38
Memorandum of conversation between Wilson and Dr. Goebbels 3/22/38
FDR-->Wilson 3/21/38
Wilson-->FDR 3/3/38
Wilson-->Cordell Hull 4/29/38
FDR-->Hull 6/16/38
FDR-->Welles 6/3/38
FDR-->Wilson 6/10/38
Welles-->FDR 6/10/38
Memorandum: FDR-->Welles 6/8/38
Welles-->FDR 6/7/38
Wilson-->FDR 5/12/38
Wilson-->FDR 8/11/38
Summary of Report on Strength Through Joy
General Introduction
The Parent Organization, the Labor Front, and the Range of Beneficiaries of Strength Through Joy
Organizational Structure of Strength Through Joy
The Office for Travel, Hiking, and Vacations
Statistical View of Stength Through Joy Travel
How the Worker Pland and Takes His Vacation
Technical Arrangement of Strength Through Joy Excursions
Strength Through Joy's Ownership of Travel Facilities
Observations Made on a Strength Through Joy Trip to Helgoland
The Office "Beauty of Work"
The Sport Office of Strength Through Joy
The Organization of Leisure Time
The Office of Popular Education
The Financing of Strength Through Joy
Final Evaluation
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Wilson-->FDR 8/31/38
Memorandum: FDR-->Harry L. Hopkins 9/3/38
FDR-->Wilson 9/3/38
Aubrey Williams-->FDR 10/18/38
Memorandum on Strength Through Joy Report
note 8/31/38
Harry H. Woodring-->FDR 9/3/38
Wilson-->FDR 7/11/38
Welles-->FDR 9/30/38
Wilson-->Welles 8/14/38
Wilson-->FDR 11/29/38

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