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Berlin,  November 27,1933.
Dear Mr. President:
I am preparing a somewhat careful
analysis of the ruling trio here with a view to more
accurate understanding in the State Department as to
the situation. As I can not get the report off in
today's pouch, I am taking the liberty of summarizing
it to you.
Your remark in your letter of the 13th
about the eight percent of the world's population de-
footing ninety-two percent in their peaceful objectives
leads me to think that you might possibly profit from 
this summary.
The Hitler regime is composed of three
rather inexperienced and very dogmatic persons, all of
whom have been more or less connected with murderous
undertakings in the last eight or ten years. It is a 
combination of men who represent different groups of 
the present German majority (not an actual majority).
Hitler, now about 45, was an orphan at 13, went through  
the war without promotion or decorations, so much wor-
shipped here, and who had very curious experiences in
Munich between 1919 and 1923. He is romantic-minded,
half-informed about great historical figures in Germany,
and he was for a number of years a strict imitator of
Mussolini. He rose to power by organizing elements in
Germany which were partly unemployed and wholly indig-   
nant because Germany had not won the great war. His
devices are the devices which men set up in ancient 
Rome, namely, his flag and salute. He has definitely
said on a number of occasions that a people survives
by fighting and dies through peaceful policies. His
influence is and has been wholly belligerent. The last
The President,
The White House,
Washingtcn, D.C.
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