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Berlin, November 5, 1934.
Dear Judge Moore:
We are sending with this pouch
a special report (despatch No. 1417, October 26) 
which has to do with the general military and 
militaristic situation here. I thought that I 
might summarize a little of my own observations
so that you might speak to the Secretary about
it and perhaps save some of his time.
On October 26 I had a conver
sation with Dr. Schacht. He raised the point 
once more of treaty negotiations. I said to him:
you know the drift of public opinion in the 
United States still runs strong; and now we 
have a church issue here which is already
bringing further critical, if not hostile, 
reactions at home. I might say that a number
of people, both Americans and Germans, have 
expressed this view to me personally. Schacht 
at once said that he realized what a great 
blunder was being made in the church matter, 
that he and von Neurath had on several occasions 
urged upon the Chancellor a more rational policy. 
He then turned to me and said: "I want to make 
an appointment with the Chancellor for you to
speak with him. He is so completely surrounded 
by Partei people that I think you ought to tell 
him very frankly what outside opinion is. It 
might have good effect." I replied that I could 
not intermeddle in German domestic affairs, but 
Schacht showed considerable uneasiness. I men
tion this to you because it shows so clearly 
the attitude of a great minority in Germany.
The Honorable
R. Walton Moore,
Assistant Secretary of State
Washington, D.C.
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