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There have been two conscious or unconscious social orders in the
United States, where another great crisis is now forcing men to
re-examine the philosophies of their predecessors.  The first of these
began with the Stuart Restoration and ended in 1865; the second emerged
slowly between 1823 and 1861, took definite economic form in 1865, and
reached the acme of its power, if not its end, in 1929.  There are many
serious thinkers in the American intellectual realm today who feel that
a third social order is slowly emerging, that democracy is going to be
tried at last on a national scale.  Hence it may not be out of order to
describe and assess the first phase of the old Plantation life which
began when the Clarendon Code was applied to England,  assumed a more
dogmatic and arbitrary character soon after a clever New Englander
showed the South Carolinians how to make a thousand bales of cotton
grom where one had grown before, and came to its tragic end when Robert
E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox.
Enclosures to
letter to the President
from Assistant Secretary
R. Walton Moore.
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