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April 16, 1935.
My dear Dodd:-
That is an extraordinarily interesting
letter of yours of March twentieth. The gentleman
who gave you the story I have always regarded as 
an extremely fair-minded, thorough-going newspaper- 
man. He has found, after many years, like almost 
every other employee, that the particular employer 
for whom he has worked is, in many ways, a thoroughly 
dangerous member of society. I wish much that your 
informant could be persuaded to write out the whole 
truth as he has seen it, covering the past twenty 
years. Even if he does not publish it immediately 
as a part of his autobiography, it would be a fine 
thing for him to do for posterity.
We are naturally much concerned here
over the results at Stresa and the events of the
next few months. As I told you, I feel very 
heelplees to render amy particular service to 
immediate or permanent peace at this time.
My best wishes to you,
As ever yours,
Honorable William E. Dodd,
American Embassy,
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