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At Warm Springs, Ga.,
December 2, 1935.
My dear Dodd:-
I am glad to know from yours of
October thirty-first that I was right in assuming
that there had been no real change in German
policy for the last few months. It seems clear
that from the point of view of the group which
now controls the destinies of the German people,
their policy is succeeding admirably. Germany
got an acceptance, passive though it may have
been, of her rearmament by land and sea. Germany
has kept out of the Italian situation by resign-
ing from Geneva. Germany seems to be starving
off actual bankruptcy through the tricky Schacht
policies which win him the admiration of the
international bankers.
I wish I could talk with you at
length in regard to the Neutrality situation.
If you had been here I do not think that you 
would have felt the Senate Bill last August 
was an unmitigated evil. The crux of the 
matter lies in the deep question of allowing 
some discretion to the Chief Executive. Quite 
aside from any connection with the League, 
the President should have some discretion. For 
example, if some European power were to seek, 
by force of arms, a raw material source in South
America, we should have to take sides and might, 
without going to war ourselves, assist the South 
American nation with supplies of one kind or 
another. Complete stoppage of all arms material
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