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a serious set-back for German autocratic-military
procedure. If Italy succeeds, it is the common
feeling that the two dicatatorships would unite upon
a policy of aggression.
This brings to my mind again the conviction
that the Senate minority attitude last February was
favorable to war. That is, we did as much to en-
courage German and Italian aggressions on weaker
neighbors as either Germany or Italy had done up to
October 1. I offered my resignation as a protest
against minority dictation in our country. Judge
Moore and the Secretary thought such a protest would 
be unwise, so the matter never came to your attention.
I am not blaming the Department. Its leaders know
domesic politics better than I; but I still think
I made a mistake in not simply handing you my protest
resignation. However, our country may still bring
the "civilized" world to pursue peace policies, if
it can stop all shipments of arms material as you
and Secretary Hull intimated October 31. While the 
domestic situation must be your fundamental problem,
world peace is not less important. If Italy, Germany
and Japan at some critical moment move at the same 
time in their spheres, I cannot see any way to stop
dictatorships. One of the ministers here said to me
today: "In that case I would commit suicide; your
country alone can save civilization."
Sincerely yours,
William E. Dodd 
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