Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Letter from FDR to the Royal Couple Showing his Appreciation for their Visit


June 15, 1939

His Majesty
King George VI
SS Empress of Britain ,
Halifax, June 15.

I cannot allow you and the Queen to sail for home without expressing once more the extreme pleasure which your all too brief visit to the United States gave us.

The warmth of the welcome accorded you everywhere you visited in this country was the spontaneous outpouring of Americans who were deeply touched by the tact, the graciousness, and the understanding hearts of your guests.

I shall always like to think that you felt the sincerity of this manifestation of the friendship of the American people.

Mrs. Roosevelt joins me in parting felicitations to Your Majesties and best wishes for a safe and pleasant voyage.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Initialed) FDR