Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Letter to Marguerite Le Hand Requesting that the
King visit a C.C.C. Camp while in the United States

Dear Miss Le Hand,

How are you? I trust fit and well in these excitingly difficult times. The President is constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

Two days ago Mr. Lascelles, Private Secretary to the King, invited me to Buckingham Palace, as His Majesty wanted to know more about the C.C.C. In view of the great need in Britain for something for youth on similar lines, I feel that it is most important that he should at least have a glimpse of one of the C.C.C. Camps when he comes to America. Isn't there a camp near Hyde Park to which the President could motor him? I sincerely trust that it will be possible to arrange this, in spite of the tremendously full programme.

I have been asked to lead a party of Members of Parliament, prospective candidates and other representative people to the States on the 17th June, maiden voyage of the "Mauretania," returning on the 5th August, in conjunction with the English-Speaking Union and The Men of the Trees but what I should like to do is come in advance, to be there when the King's party arrives and be on the spot when he visits a camp. I therefore propose sailing in the "Aquitania" on the 10th May, arriving in New York on the 16th.

It is with sincere gratitude that I recall that with your help I had a small part in furthering the plan which that President put over and which has made a great difference to the lives of two million young men. My earnest desire is that His Majesty will be so impressed that he will wish to do for England what the President has done for America.

Please convey my kindest regards and good wishes to the President.

With kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bash Baker