[Handwritten] Mrs. R's notes for speech at Nat'l Con. Chicago. July 1940


Thank Jim for his work with National Committee.

Enjoyed working in close touch with him as it gave me a chance to know how invaluable and unselfish has been his loyalty and devotion to the President and to the democratic party.

Thank delegates for their confidence in the President.

These are serious times, and not a time when the President can make a regular campaign, so responsibility is great on each and everyone of them. Real education is needed so voters will understand aims and objectives and policies of the administration, both domestic and foreign.

This means each one of us have firm convictions and work harder than we have ever worked before.

World condition. Our probable situation in the future.

This is a time for all of us to lay aside our personal feelings and unite. Only in unity can we be really be prepared to defend ourselves against the insidious philosophy of the totalitarian idea.