Mr. American

Your country is as WAR , and so are you.

Your buddies and friends are giving their lives perhaps this very minute for YOU and YOUR HOME .

Every minute you lose on your job is a minute lost for them.

Can you offer to have their lives on your conscience when they depend on you to produce for them?

Give them a full time shift from whistle blow to whistle blow. Shift your clothes, stow your effects, get your tools and be ready to start your work with a bang - AND DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME! Keep inside your lunch period - and SNAP BACK ON THE JOB . Don't be a clock watcher. Work right up to the end of your shift - AND THEN MAKE PREPARATIONS FOR DEPARTURE ON YOUR OWN TIME . Conserve the WILL TO WORK , my friend, and remind yourself every minute that you're AN AMERICAN , and that YOUR work is desperately necessary to AMERICA .