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Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Education Center

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The USS Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Sailor in the White House: The 
Seafaring Life of FDRNew book on FDR and the Sea

Sailor in the White House: The Seafaring Life of FDR is a new book written by Robert Cross and is a behind the scenes look at Franklin D. Roosevelts extraordinary skill as a sailor explores how FDRs love of the sea shaped his approach to public service and even influenced the course of events in World War II. Cross' book examines how the skills required to be a good sailor had much in common with those needed to be a successful politician which FDR employed. Cross describes FDR as a master at dealing with the unexpected, allowing him to excel in the Navy Department, the governors mansion, and the White House, as well as on the open sea. Robert Cross is an award-winning newspaper correspondent who has spent more than a decade exploring FDRs love of the sea. He is currently water commissioner for the City of Albany and supervises operations at the Port of Albany.

President Roosevelt in Hyde Park

FDR and Dutchess County Stone Buildings

Hyde Park: Then and Now


This Month in Roosevelt History - Eleanor Roosevelt and Marianne Anderson

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The Library's new phone number is (845) 486-7770 or you can continue to reach us at 1-800-FDR-VISIT. Library staff now have individual phone numbers and those can be found on our staff directory page.

Photo of Lauren, Haley, and Alex National History Day Learn how three California sixth graders used the FDR Library for their National History Day project and advanced to their state competition.


Pare Lorentz Film Center Video Lending Library: Now teachers can borrow videos about the Roosevelt era to use in the classroom.

Updated listing of Education Programs at the FDR Library

Updated listing of Roosevelt Era Manuscript Collections at the Library.