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matter was questionable and that.it should be discussed with Admiral Little.
        17.       GUNS .FOR MERCHANT SHIPS. -
               The question of guns for American ships was broughtup. The United States Navy has
furnished the British with 400 guns for arming merchant vessels. ADMIRAL STARK  inquired if
any of these could be returned, as there was a shortage.
                ADMIRAL POUND stated that he would have the matter examined and do the best he
could to meet the American requirements, which were to be made known to him.
                ADMIRAL STARK proposed that the British take Over capital ship responsibility in
the Atlantic, and listed fleet elements that would be required in that ocean.
        19.       PRIORITIES IN EXPEDITIONS. -
                  GENERAL MARSHALL brought up the question of priorities in expeditions, and
asked Marshal Dill if he had set up any such priorities. MARSHAL DILL said that the priorities
were in the following order:
North Ireland.
                GENERAL MARSHALL then asked if the French do not invite an occupation, what
disposition will be made of the expeditionary force of 55,000.
                MARSHALL DILL said that if the Germans go through Spain, the British hope to take
the Canaries, whether invited or not.
               GENERAL MARSHALL then asked how many troops would be required, and
MARSHAL DILL replied only a small force of a few battalions. The British do
.not want any more than that down there.  The question was then asked, if the British take the
offensive and occupy the Canary Islands, what cooperation would be expected of the United
States. ADMIRAL POUND, by nodded consent, indicated that the United States should take
action in the Cape Verde islands.
       20.     WEST AFRICA. 
                                GENERAL MARSHALL brought up the question of what was to be done at
Freetown and Bathurst. This question was not settled.
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