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                             Subject' Utilization of U.S. Forces in Australia.
         1.    U.S. combat troops now in Australia and expected there at approxima. te dates indicated-
a.    Now present'
18 pursuit planes
                                      52 dive bombers
                                       Elements of 2 regiments of 75 min. artillery, (28 of its
48 guns are present The 20 others are on a slow boa. t which left Samoa December :[8). 0nly 500 rounds of 75 ~n. ammunition available until about January 8, when 5,000 rounds will arrive at Brisbane.
                  b_.       Expected soon'
                             (1)      55 pursuit planes and crews (about January 8).
                             (2)     To begin arriving in theater on or about January 3; three
                                          heavy bombers per day until a total of eighty is as-
                                          sembled. These planes are now directed to report to
                                          General MacArthur for orders upon arrival at Bangalore.
                                          For operations Of the immediate future~ there is an
                                          adequate number of 500 lb. and smaller bombs~ as we'll
                                          as 56- 1000 lb. bombs on the convoy now proceeding
                                          from Brisbane to Port Darwin. Already at Darwin are
                                          560 of the 500 lb type~ with 260 at Port Moresby.
                             (3)      55 pursuit and crews~ about January 16.
                             (4)      70 pursuit planes and crews, about January 18. (It is
                                           possible that capacity of ship Will'be found to be 40
                                           planes) .
                             (5)      A pursuit group~ complete as to materiel, including 80
                                           planes~ will leave San Diego on the KITTY HAWK about
                                           January 10. Additional ships will be necessary for
                                           the personnel.
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