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        Proposed draft of instructions to the Supr. eme Commander,
Southwestern Pacific Theater~ submitted by United States Chiefs of
Staff for the consideration of the Joint United States-British Chiefs
of Staff Conference.
        Letter of Instructions to be signed by the government of the
country from which the Supreme Commander is chosen, and countersigned
by representatives of each of the otherpowers in the group, Australia,
Dutch East Indies, British and the United States.
To:                Supreme Commander, Southwestern Pacific Theater.
            (Letters, similar in content, will be sent byeach of the
ADBU governments to its highest
Army, Navy and Air Commander in the Southwestern
Pacific Theater.)
Subject'           Letter of Instructions.
         1    By agreement among the Governments of Australia, The'
Netherlands, . the United Kingdom and the United States~ hereinafter
referred to'aS the ADBU governments~ the Southwestern Pacific Theater
has been constituted~ to comprise all land and sea areas.included in
the region Malaya - Australia'Philippine Islands~ all inclusive.
         2.    You have been designated as the Supreme Commander of the
Southwestern Theater and of all armed .forces afloat~ ashore and in
the. air of the ADBU governments stationed therein and allotted by
their respective governments for service in that theater~ except that
you are not authorized to transfer, from the territory of any of the
ADBU governments land troops of that government except with the consent
of the local commander or his government. You are authorized to employ
naval and air forces in general support of operations in the theater
assigned you. However~ during the period of initial air reinforcement~
it being the view of all the associated governments that air
Superiority over the enemy should be attained as soon as possible, each
government reserves the right to assign and employ its pursuit and
fighter airplanes at its own discretion. All accumulations of pursuit
and fighter airplanes beyond the minimum requirements fixed by each
government~ will pass to your general r eserve~ for use under your
3.    The ADBU governments have further agreed as follows'
'- I --
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