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       1. It is assumed thatthe chief matters on which decisions would
have to be given would be'
_a The provision of reinforcements.
b_ A major change in policy.
c Departure froIn the Supreme Commander's directlye.
2. It is suggestedthat no special body should be set up for this
purpose because it would tend to clog the machine for the following
                  It wouldbe necessary to have Dutch, Australian, and
New Zealand representatives on this body.
           b_    Each representative in _a would probably wish for time
to consult his government before giving an opinion.
       3.    It is proposed, therefore, that existing machinery ~
should be used in the following manner'
            a The Supreme Commander would telegraph to the Chiefs of
Staff Committee, both in London and in 'Washington, 'his'proposal,
.whatever it might be.
           b_ The Chiefs of Staff Committee in London would immediately
telegraph to the British Mission in Washington to say whether or not
they would be telegraphing any opinions.
           c On receipt of these opinions, the United States'Chiefs of
Staff and the Representatives in Washington of the British Chiefs of
Staffwould meet and considerthe problem and would submit their
recommendations to the President and by teIegraph to the Prime Minister
and Minister of Defence. The Prime Minister would then inform the
President whether he was in agreement with their recommendations.
       4.    As tile Dutch Government is in London, and as the
principal representatives of tile New Zealand and Australian
Govermnents are also in London, it is proposed that the agreement of
these Governments to any proposal should be obtained by the British
Government and this would be included in the final telegram to
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