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AF                                      London
This telegram must be
closely paraphrassd be-                      Dated August 1, 1941
fore being communicated 
to anyonze. (SC)                             Rec'd 10:14 p.m.
Secretary of State,
     3366, August l, midnight (SECTION TWO) And on the following page "I made
deliberately a rough exposure to the House of Commons on March 3. We are enforcing the
blockade with rigor, and Germany is very near starvation. All the evidence I have received from
officers sent by the War 0ffice all over Germany show: first, the great privations which the
German people are suffering; and secondly, ths danger of a collapse of the entire structure of
German social and national life under ths stress of hunger and malnutrition.  "
     These quotations should be read in conjunction with the first paragraph of page 156
through to the end of the chapter page 159 of Alfred Zimmern's book entitled "THE LEAGUE
OF NATIONS AND THE RULE OF LAW, 1918-1935" first English edition, 1936, published by
MacMillan and Company Limited, in which Joe Cotton's advice on these issuss of controls and
food is quoted in juxtaposition to that of Mr. Hoover who on these
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