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memo: Cordell Hull-->FDR 1/14/40
telegram from Associated Press 3/10/40
Memorandum: Sumner Welles-->Gen. Watson 4/4/40
Alexander Kirk-->Marguerite LeHand 6/19/40
Memorandum by Alexander Kirk 6/17/40
Annex: Suggestions for a Peace Proposal
Welles-->FDR 11/13/40
FDR-->Kirk 10/2/40
FDR-->Kirk (draft)
Hull-->FDR 9/30/40
Kirk-->FDR 9/1/40
Welles-->FDR 11/13/40
Memorandum: Donald R. Heath-->Welles 10/21/40
Nazi Propaganda Agencies--Foreign and Domestic
NY Times Artice "The 'Unbelievable' Nazi Blueprint" 5/25/41
Carlton Smith-->Stephen T. Early 7/8/40
Hitler's Projected European Federation Proclamation
Adolf A. Berle, Jr.-->FDR 8/1/41
Memorandum of Conversation between Dr. Maurice Hochschild and A.A. Berle, Jr. 7/31/41
John F. Stone-->Grace Tully 10/24/41
FDR-->Archbishop Edward Mooney 10/25/41
FDR-->Archbishop Francis J. Spellman 10/25/41
FDR-->Myron Taylor 10/25/41
telegram re: program of Church of National Reich of Germany
FDR-->Archbishop Mooney 10/25/41
Henry S. Sterling-->Preston E. James 11/3/41
map of German designs of South America
NY Daily Mirror article: "Mirror Exposed Nazi Setup for S. America" 10/30/41
newspaper artice: "Nazi South America" 8/25/41
PM Daily incl. report: "Why Hitler Can't Conquer Russia Now" 10/28/41
Henry T. Morgenthau-->FDR 12/6/41
Mr. Kamarck-->Henry T. Morgenthau 12/6/41
FDR-->Harry L. Hopkins 12/12/41
archive information
telegram for Cordell Hull 7/27/41

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