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Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany
Maps of Europe
note from Dept of State 9/11/44
map of Berlin, Germany
Memorandum: Cordell Hull-->FDR 9/11/44
note of enclosure to FDR 9/11/44
telegram from Sec. of State 9/9/44
European Advisory Commission Draft Protocol 8/3/44
European Advisory Commission Draft Protocol 8/3/44 (second copy)
minutes of meeting of European Advisory Commission 9/12/44
minutes of meeting and Protocol in Russian
Jonathan Daniels-->Grace Tully 9/21/44
Memorandum: Henry Hoke-->FDR 9/14/44
Memorandum for the President 9/25/44
memo re: European Advisory Commission 9/26/44
Memorandum: Hull-->FDR 9/29/44
Memorandum: Hull-->FDR 10/1/44
Memorandum: FDR-->Hull 9/29/44
unspecified note 9/26/44
Henry L. Stimson-->FDR 9/26/44
Memorandum: FDR-->Stimson 9/22/44
Memorandum: Stimson-->FDR 9/15/44
Memorandum: Stimson-->FDR 9/9/44
Harry L. Hopkins-->Hull 9/5/44
Stimson-->Hull 9/5/44
"Suggested Recommendations on Treatment of Germany..." by Stimson 9/5/44
"Suggested Changes in Cabinet Committee Recommendations as Stated in Paper" 9/4/44 by Stimson
Stimson-->Hull 9/6/44

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