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vention was dangerous, as it might have led to the defect
of one of the very few countries in Europe which had made itself
immune from Bolshevlsm. If he the Chancellor had Been the British
Prime Minister he would have done one of two things, he would
have sent two or three British battalions to Lake Tana, and defined
spheres of influence in Abyssinia or he would have refrained
from taking any action. To do neither of these things but on
the contrary to mobilise the League of Nations with Bolshevik
Russia as a leading member, was, the Chancellor felt from the
beginning, to court certain failure. The French in the person
of Laval had moreover given the Italians a free hand in Abyssinia,
in return for which they expected the Italians to stand on the
Brenner Pass, for these circumstances, Germany had not the slightest
interest in opposing Italy.
Regarding Spain, the Chancellor said that the English
were wrong in stating that Germany wished to get influence in
Spain, "I am not interested in Spanish territory nor in its colonlies" 
said the Chancellor. But if Bolshevism swept over that country, 
Germany trade would be vitally affected. I fail to understand   
Great Britain's policy. If Great Britain wants to prevent outside 
influences from dominating Spain, she ought to support France. 
If this had been done from the beginning, the troubles in Spain 
would have come to a very speedy end.
The Fuhrer in his demonstrative way grasped his brow
with an air of perplexity and said that the British 
attitude in not wishing to support the maintenance of a 
national Spain completely puzzled him. Franco would have 
preferred England's support; France was facing a 'new Social 
revolution' and was not a comparable factor. Our trade relations 
have been gravely affected already, said the Chancellor - 
15,000 Germans engaged in trade have had to leave the country. 
Raw materials, fruit and oil from Spain constituted our trading, 
requirements. The Chancellor had no other interest except trade, 
he was not interested in seeing Italy established in Spain.  Why 
were these false ideas held in England
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