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In preceding night there had been a further 21 new
frontier incidents; on German side greatest discipline 
had been maintained. All incidents had been provoked
from Polish side. Furthermore commercial aircraft
had been shot at. If Polish Government stated it was
not responsible it showed that it was no longer capable 
of controlling its own people,  
2. Germany was in all circumstances determined  
to abolish these Macedonian conditions on her eastern 
frontier and what is more to do so in the interests 
of quiet and order but also in interests of European peace
3, Problem of Danzig and Corridor must be
solved. British Prime Minister had made a speech
which was not in the least calculated to induce any 
change tn Germam attitude. At most result of this 
speech could be a bloody and incalculable war between 
Germany and England, Such a war would be bloodier than
that of 1914 to 1918. In contrast to last war Germany
would no longer have to fight on two fronts. Agreement 
with Russia was unconditional and signified a change 
in the foreign policy of the Reich, destined to last a 
very long time. Russia and Germany would never again
take up arms against each other. Apart from this the
agreement reached with Russia would also render
Germany secure economically for longest possible    
period of war. 
The Fuhrer had always wanted Anglo-German
understandlng. War between England and Germany could
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