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 (b)  No such persons shall be permitted to wear, after 6 months 
from the cessation of hostilities any military uniform or any uniform
of any quasi military orginizations.
11.  Prohibition on Parades.
 No military parades shall be permitted anywhere in German and all 
military bands shall be disbaded.
12.  Aircraft.
 All aircraft (including gliders), whether military or commercial, 
will be confiscated for later disposition.  No German shall be permitted
to operate or to help operate such aircraft, including those owned by 
foreign interests.
13.  United States Responsibility.
 (a)  The responsibility of for the execution of the post-surrender
program for Germany set forth in this memorandum is the joint responsibility
of the United Nations.  The execution of the joint policy agreed
upon shall therefore eventually be entrusted to the international
body which emerges from United Nations discussions.
 Consideration of the specific measures to be taken in carrying 
out the joint program suggests the desireability of seperating the task
to be performed during the initial period of military occupation from
those which will require a much longer period of execution.  While the
U.S., U.K., and U.S.S.R. will, for practical reasons, play the major role
(of course aided by the miltary forces of the United Nations) in 
demilitarizing Germany (point 1) the detailed execution of other parts 
of the program can best be handled by Germany's continental neighbors.
 (b)  When Germany has been completely demilitarized there would 
be the following distribution of duties in carrying out the German
   (i)  The U.S. would have military and civilian representation 
on whatever international commission or commissions may be established
for the execution of the whole German program and such representatives 
should have adequate U.S. staffs.
   (ii)  The primary responsibility for the policing of Germany
and for Civil administration in Germany would be assumed by the military 
forces of Germany's continental neighbors.  Specifically, these should   
include Russian, French, Polish, Cech, Greek, Yugoslav, Norwegian,
Dutch and Belgian soldiers.
 (c)  Under this program United States troops could be withdrawn 
within a relatively short time.  Actual withdrawl of United States 
troops should not precede agreement with the U.S.S.R. and the U.K.
on the principles set forth in this memorandum.
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