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condemning the German people to a condition of servitude
in which, no matter how hard or how effectively a man worked,
he could not materially increase his economic condition in
the world. Such a program would, I believe, create tensions
and resentments far outweighing any immediate advantage of
security and would tend to obscure the guilt of the Nazis
and the viciousness of their doctrines and their acts,
 By such economic mistakes I cannot but feel
that you would also be poisoning the springs out of which
we hope that the future peace of the world can be maintained.
 It is primarily by the thorough apprehension,
investgation, and trial of all the Nazi leaders and 
instruments of the Nazi system of terrorism, such as the
Gestapo, with punishment delivered as promptly, swiftly,
and severely as possible, that we can demonstrate the
abhorrence which the world has for such a system and bring
home to the German people our determination to extirpate
it and all its fruits forever.
 My basic objection to the proposed methods of
treating Germany which were discussed this morning was that
in addition to a system of preventive and educative punishment 
they would add the dangerous weapon of complete economic
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