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POLICY #A-221180 ASSURED: Franklin D. and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
This is the first notice of accident. I have had photographs
taken of the claimant's car and the assured's car, also of
roadway where accident occurred. This was done by Frank
Howard, 234 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, Telephone 606.
The roadway where this accident occurred is three strip
concrete, each strip being 9 feet wide, making roadway in
all 27 feet wide with approximately a 5 foot shoulder and a
small ditch about 1 1/2 or 2 feet deep. The photographer
and myself took the necessary measurements and they will be
found in his report.
Our assured's chauffeur secured the name and address of the
party who took him to the hospital, but he has lost this
information. He did not wait find see what happened to the
occupants of the other car and does not know where they
were taken after the accident. The claimant's car was towed
to Mt. Moriah Garage. The nightman, Smith LaRue of
Staatsburgh was driving the tow truck. I have arranged to
have Plain Brothers Garage inspect the claimant's car.
I am attaching to the file the claimant's business card,
which is as follows:- Reganeschi Restaurant-Nine & Joe,
86 Christopher St., N. Y. C. Telephone-Spring 9781.
Up until the present time there has been no complaint made
against either driver and no claim has been made as yet and
at this time I do not know whether Governor Roosevelt is
going to make claim against the other party.
I, Monfort Snyder residing at Rhinebeek, N. Y., state I am
24 years of age and a licensed chauffeur #798940 and have
been driving cars about ten years and this is ,my first
accident and I have been in the employ of Mr. Roosevelt
about five weeks and I was driving his 1929 Ford Cabriolet,
Motor #A1827680, Reg. #5D101 at the time of the following
accident. I was alone and I was on my way from Rhinebeck to
the Governor's Estate and I was to remain there until
morning and then drive his car to Syracuse and meet
Governor Roosevelt. I had received permission to use the
car from the Governor personally.
On September 28th, 1930 about 2:00 A. M., I was driving
South on Route 9 between Staatsburgh and Hyde Park
traveling on the west or right strip of concrete at a speed
of about forty miles per hour and I noticed a car coming in
opposite direction about in the centre of the road as it
came around the slight turn and it continued toward my side
of the road and the left front end struck the left front
end of my car and my ear went about fifty-five feet and
went off my right or West side of road and came to a stop
facing in a North Westerly direction about five feet from
edge of concrete. It was later towed to Mr. Moriah Garage.
The other car which was a Viking came to a stop about one
hundred and fifty feet North of the point of contact about
twenty feet West of the West edge of concrete and struck a
stone wall facing Northeasterly. I went back to the other car
and the woman said she had some teeth knocked out but the man
was apparently not hurt. Then a passing motorist stopped and
took me to St. Francis Hospital. This man gave me his card,
but I have misplaced it.
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