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Telegram received from London dated February 
      2?th, 1941
      Naval. Outward convoy of 39 ships during February 26th and early 
      27th was attacked by U boats and aircraft.
      2. Four sh %ips torpedoed of which one certain sank, one probably 
      sank, one returning to harbour. Eight bombed of which one sank, 
      four burning, three hoped to salve.
      3. British ship of 7,764 tons bombed, set on fire off Cromarty 
      in the a.m. February 26th. Fire soon controlled and ship towed 
      into harbour.
      4. Two British trawlers off Fastnet shot down Fokke Wulf aircraft, 
      escorted by two fighters which attacked them on February 23rd.
      5. Royal Air Force. Night of February 26th/27th. 145 bombers 
      despatched to attack industrial areas at Cologne and invasion 
      ports. Four aircraft have not yet returned to their base.
      6. German Air Force. Daylight February 26th. With the exception 
      of submarine patrols in the Straits activity consisted mainly 
      of occasional raids over coastal districts in East Anglia and 
      Kent. Industrial damage reported is negligible and casualties 
      very few.
      7. Night of February 26th/27th. About 150 aircraft operating 
      of which 50 attacked Cardiff-Bristol area.
      8. Malta. On February 26th Luqa aerodrome attacked by about 60 
      German bombers escorted by 20-30 fighters - 2 Junker 87s were 
      destroyed and 7 others probably destroyed by our fighters. A.A. 
      fire brought down/
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