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NAVAL. Mediterranean Fleet operated in Central Mediterranean 
      21st to 24th covering convoys. No enemy surface craft sighted. 
      One enemy aircraft shot down and at least one other damaged.
2. His Majesty's Ship York torpedoed and damaged "Suda 
      Bay" 26th Oiler "Peracles" torpedoed and damaged 
      at same time, but able to steam.
3. Traffic normal in Suez Canal.
4. As result of bombing attack on British convoy south-east 
      of Crete, one Greek ship sunk and one Norwegian ship abandoned. 
      Another vessel also believed sunk.
5. British aircraft torpedoed 6000 ton merchant vessel off 
6. Military. Eritrea. Up to 9.30 p.m. March 25th. Our forces 
      have pushed forward both sides of Keren Road and repulsed three 
      counter attacks, number of prisoners, including complete mortar 
      platoon, taken. Work on moving block on road proceeding satisfactorily.
7. Royal Air Force. Night operations cancelled on account 
      of bad weather.
8. Royal Air Force. Ethiopia. On the 24th 24 bombers of S.A.A.F. 
      attacked railway Harar sector hitting 3 bridges. 25th-26th Blenheims 
      bombed Addis Ababa Jibuti railway.
9. Dodecanese. 25th. 4 Blenheims attacked aerodromes at Scarpanto 
      and Calato, 5 Heinkel 111's severely damaged. Direct hit on 7000 
      ton merchant vessel off Astropalia Island.
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