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Telegram from London dated February 28th
1. Naval. A/P Trawler mined and sunk off Humber night of 26th/27th. 
2. H.M. Minesweeper "Sarna" mined and sunk in Suez 
      Canal on 25th February.
3. During the night after the capture of Castelorozzo Island 
      two enemy motor torpedo boats raided the Island but withdrew 
      before contact could be made. Reported "Ladybird" withdrew 
      after heavy raid when she was damaged slightly. 
4. Reference to air and U-boat attack on outward convoy 26th/27th, 
      position as now known:- fourteen ships attacked, three sunk and 
      three set on fire, eight damaged, of which one in tow and two 
      proceeding under own steam to United Kingdom.
5. On 27th, East Coast convoy twice bombed and machine-gunned. 
      One ship sunk, one damaged, one reported being attacked, but 
      no further details.
6. Glasgow and raider. Now made clear Glasgow's only available 
      aircraft did sighting and shadowing, Glasgow seventy miles distant 
      with maximum speed of 24 knots. Position of "Canadian Cruiser" 
      480 miles E.S.E. Mombasa and Dutch ship was 280 miles E.S.E. 
      of "Canadian Cruiser".
7. "Leander" a.m. 27th, 250 miles W.S.W. of the 
      Maldive Islands intercepted Italian ship "Ramb 1." 
      The ship under red ensign. When ordered to stop, hoisted Italian 
      colours and opened fire. Five salvoes from "Leander" 
      ended the engagement, "Ramb 1." then set on fire, abandoned 
      and sank within one hour, lO0 prisoners.
8. Military. Libya. Considerable movement cf mechanical transport 
      has been reported in coastal area between a point fifty miles 
      W. of Agheila and Misurata. About fifty enemy aircraft were seen 
      on the ground in Misurata area. Advance/ 
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