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Telegram from London dated March 1st
1. Naval. Of convoy reported attacked February 26th/27th now 
      learnt one damaged ship has not been located and one damaged 
      now been a %bandoned in sinking condition.   
      2. British force in Kasteloritzo was withdrawn night of February 
      27th/28th. During withdrawal Jaguar attacked with torpedoes, 
      ship located in inner harbour, four explosions heard. Later she 
      located an enemy destroyer which escaped although hit twice.
3. Military. Eritrea. To 7 p.m. February 27th. February 25th 
      our forces in the North were in contact with enemy fifteen miles 
      northeast of Keren. Free French force sustained fifty casualties 
      during attack.
4. Libya. German reconnaissance units and possibly also units 
      of an armoured division are operating in Libya. There is no evidence 
      that a large German force has arrived.
5. Royal Air Force. February 28th. Three medium bombers attacked 
      Hotel at Quiberon believed occupied by submarine ..... ......: 
      three direct hits were scored. Our fighters on Channel patrol 
      probably shot down one bomber.
6. Night of February 28th/March 1st. One hundred and sixteen 
      aircraft attacked targets at Wilhelmshaven including "Tirpitz" 
      and six bombed port of Boulogne. One aircraft is missing. Results 
7. Albania. On 27th, nine medium bombers escorted by 9 Hurricanes 
      attacked aerodrome at Valona with good results. Hurricanes shot 
      down seven enemy fighters and two more were destroyed in collision. 
      On February 28th, 25 Italian aircraft shot down and nine more 
      probably destroyed over Greek lines.
      8. German Air Force. 28th and 28th/lst, very little enemy activity.
9. Malta./ 
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