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Telegram From London dated March 2nd.
1. Naval. Since commencement of hostilities 54,693 ships have 
      been convoyed, out of which 192 British and 31 allied and 19 
      neutral  %have been lost. Imports into Great Britain by ships in 
      convoy week ending February 22nd 931,433 tons. Merchant ships 
      lost by enemy up to February 26th:
      German 268 of 1,345,000 tons,
      Italian 133 of 683,000 tons.
      In addition 34 ships of 61,000 gross tons under enemy control 
      or useful to enemy have been sunk.
2. During daylight March 1st, two Merchant ships from Canada 
      were bombed and severely damaged off Cardigan Bay. East and West-bound 
      convoys also attacked off Kinnaird Head, 2 ships being hit and 
      set on fire, 1 ship torpedoed in North West approaches.
3.Military. Italian Somaliland. Our troops occupied Bardera 
      on February 2?th; up to the afternoon of February 28th, prisoners 
      taken during our advance along the coast and at Mogadishu numbered 
      9,000 and many more are surrendering in Mogadishu.
4. Royal Air Force. Yesterday our Fighters made an offensive 
      sweep over Northern France and destroyed 3 enemy fighters.
5. Night of March lst/2nd. 131 aircraft attacked industrial 
      targets in Cologne and three bombed Channel ports. Results unobserved.
6. Eritrea. February 28th. Our aircraft dropped over 6 tons 
      of bombs on Asmara railway station, scoring several direct hits.
7. German Air Force. March 1st. Daylight activity slight. 
      A bomber was destroyed by our fighters off the Isle/ 
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