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Telegram from London dated March 28th.
1. Naval. Enemy aircraft attacked shipping off Milford Haven 
      evening of March 22nd. Four small ships totalling 2,337 tons 
      damaged. % Two enemy aircraft were badly damaged.   
      2. H.M.S. "Leith" attacked by two enemy aircraft with 
      bombs S.W. off St. David's Head, March 27th, was undamaged but 
      destroyed at least one aircraft. On March 27th, the Coastal Blenheims 
      on reconnaissance of Lorient attacked Fokke-Walf aircraft and 
      cruiser presumably the "Voltaire" results unobserved. 
      Two Blenheims dive-bombed near missing about 6,000 ton.........and 
      two naval auxiliaries off Brest.
3. Military- Albania. No indications of Italians yet able 
      to resume the offensive. Defensive preparations being made in 
      the southern sector. Total forces north of line Dumazzo - Tiranha 
      probably not more than 12,000.
4. Yugoslavia. The army loyal to the new Government and reported 
      concentrating southwards. Minimum of 23 divisions mobilised. 
      The whole country appears enthusiastic and orderly.
5. On March 23rd - British Colonial and Belgian forces occupied 
      Bengali (about 331 miles west of Addis-Abbaba) after severe fighting.
6. Royal Air Force March 27th. Daylight attacks were made 
      on shipping from Ushant to La Rochelle and on small naval craft 
      off the Dutch coast. Alderney harbour, buildings and small merchant 
      ship hit. Two Blenheims shot down by enemy fighters.
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