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Telegram from London dated 29th March
Commander in Chief Mediterranean with strong force of Mediterranean 
      Fleet on the 28th got into touch with strong Italian forces south 
      of Yildiz west of Crete. Enemy cruisers first sighted 8 a.m. 
      By noon the enemy forces in two groups retiring westwards at 
      high speed one group consisting of two battleships three cruisers 
      five destroyers, second group three cruisers three destroyers 
      with possibly two battleships. Air attacks by aircraft and strong 
      force of Blenheims from Greece made several attacks. Former scored 
      possible torpedo hit on one cruiser; latter claim two bomb hits 
      on one cruiser two heavy bomb hits on another cruiser, one hit 
      heavy bomb on destroyer. One Littovio class reported to have 
      speed reduced to fifteen knots by day torpedo attacks. Commander 
      in Chief reported at 12:28 a.m. 29th garch also two eight-inch 
      cruisers severely damaged by our battleships in ensuing night 
      action - hoped sunk. Result of destroyer night attacks not yet 
      reported. Survivors from believed six inch gun cruiser reported 
      by aircraft.
2. On the 16th Parthian fired torpedoes at 6000 ton merchant 
      ship and 10,000 ton tanker in escorted convoy in the Straits 
      of Messina, two explosions heard believed two ships hit.
3. Scharnhorst Gneisenau were at Brest on 28th. One in dry 
      dock one in Rade Aboi.
4. Royal/ 
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