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Telegram from London dated 30th March.
Naval. No further news yet received about the action in the 
      Mediterranean March 28th and 29th but Greek destroyers have picked 
      up ll0 Italian survivors and have been directed by Sunderland 
      aircraft to the position to pick up 600 more.
2. March 29th, several enemy air attacks made on east coast 
      convoys; one British tanker was hit and sunk.
3. Royal Air Force. Night of March 29th/30th. All bombing 
      operations cancelled.
4. Italy. March 28th. Six medium bombers attacked aerodrome 
      at Lecce (near Brindisi) destroying at least one aircraft and 
      damaging 20 others.
5. German Air Force. Night of March 29th/30th. About 40 aircraft 
      operating principally in Avonmouth area, and 36 more suspected 
      of mine laying.
6. In central Mediterranean German dive bombing force has 
      been reinforced from units previously located in northern France.
7. Whole dive bombing force in the Balkan theatre (160) now 
      located in south west Bulgaria.
8. Home Security. Night of March 29th/30th. Bombing not heavy 
      but sharp attacks on Avonmouth and Bristol. At Avonmouth three 
      oil cisterns set alight and still burning. Fires all under control. 
      Casualties so far reported not serious.
9. Add to paragraph 1 above. Three Italian eight inch cruisers, 
      two destroyers now confirmed sunk, one six inch cruiser possibly 
      sunk. Our losses nil. 
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