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Telegram received from London dated March 4th, 1941.
      1. Small force of bombers attacked Hipper class cruiser at Brest 
      night of 3rd/4th - no results known yet. %
2. Naval aircraft bombed North Harbour Massawa after dark 
      on March 1st. Bombs hit small floating dock believed to contain 
      U-boat. "Upright" reports she put one torpedo into 
      unescorted ship south east of Sfax on February 23rd, ship burst 
      into flames and believed sank, also night of February 24th/25th 
      she hit with one torpedo out of four the largest of 3 enemy warships 
      either Armando class cruiser or Navigatore class destroyer but 
      fate of ship not observed.
3. A.P. trawler "Cobbers" bombed and sunk off Lowestoft 
      on March 3rd: troop convoy of 16 ships totalling 314,599 G R 
      tons has arrived at Suez. 
4. Military - Bulgaria.
      Reported 20 German divisions including 4 armoured and 3 motorized 
      are moving South from Roumania. German troops crossed the Danube 
      at 6 points and moving on three main routes towards Gorna Djumaya, 
      Provdiv and Stara Oagora. Advance units appear to have reached 
      a line Maritsa. Large numbers of German troops reported in Burgas 
      and anti-aircraft units at Varna. 
5. Libya.
      Total Italian Libyan prisoners taken in Libya alone is 133,000.
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