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Telegram from London dated March 8th, 1941.
1. Naval. Norwegian loaded tanker (3000 tons) was sunk off 
      the East coast yesterday and a British ship (6,400 tons) outward 
      b %ound in convoy, with general cargo, was torpedoed in the North 
      Western approaches early March 7th.
2. Military. British Somaliland. Ferfer 210 miles north of 
      Mogadishu on Harar road has been occupied and Belet Uen aerodrome 
      is fit for use; the roads and bridges are intact, water plentiful 
      and large quantities of petrol and oil have been captured. Patrols 
      have been sent forward to Oddur and Dole (North West of Lugh 
      Ferrandi). Among material captured at and on the way to Mogadiscio 
      are 345,000 gallons of M/T petrol and 8,000 gallons of aviation 
3. Bulgaria. German reconnaissance detachments reached the 
      vicinity of the Greek frontier on March 3rd and by March 5th 
      the main concentrations were developing in Sliveno Yambol area, 
      where heavy tanks are reported and in the Struma Valley near 
      Gorna Djumaya and Petrich. Estimated that 8 divisions of German 
      troops are in Bulgarian territory.
4. Bulgarian divisions appear to be disposed as follows: Yugoslav 
      frontier 1 motorised, 2 infantry, 2 reserve infantry forming 
      ...... Turkish frontier, 2 motorised, 7 infantry, Macedonian 
      frontier 4 infantry, Southern Dobrudja 1 infantry. Bulgaria general 
      headquarters is reported at Stara Oagora.
5. R.A.F./ 
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