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Telegram received from London dated March 8, 1941.
1. Naval. In the Suez Canal divers have located mines which 
      were counter-mined. Believed 3 mines remain to be dealt with, 
      expected Canal will be open March 7th. Twenty-three mines were 
      exploded at various home ports on March 7th.
2. One enemy aircraft laid mines off Sayers p.m. of March 
      7th. L.L. sweepers detonated these the same afternoon. Between 
      14.30 and 16.30 hours March 7th six aircraft laid mines in the 
      Humber entrance, fifteen were seen to drop.
3. On March 7th convoys were attacked by U-boat in the Western 
      approaches and off the East Coast by aircraft, and during the 
      night of March 7th-8th by E-boats. Of the nine ships torpedoed 
      or damaged by aircraft four sinking or sunk. One aircraft shot 
      down one damaged.
4. On March 7th off the Hook of Holland a 2500 ton merchant 
      vessel was bombed and left sinking by coastal aircraft.
5. Ethiopia. In Gojjam area patriot operations continue against 
      retreating garrison of Burye. 300 prisoners and four guns have 
      been captured and an aeroplane shot down. 1,700 deserters have 
6. Kenya Colony. Heavy rain has fallen on Ethiopian border 
      and many roads are under water.
7. R.A.F. March 7th. During the day aircraft from the Coastal 
      Command bombed an aerodrome in Holland hitting hangars also naval 
      dockyard at Denhelder and left a 2,500 ton merchant vessel in 
      a sinking/ 
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