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1. Naval. E Boats approaching two convoys off East Coast night 
      of 9th/10th, were driven off by "Worcester" and &q %uot;Southdown". 
      No apparent damage to any ship. One Minesweeper is mined and 
      sunk off Dungeness.
2. During attack on Malta by fifteen enemy aircraft night 
      of March 7th/8th, His Majesty's Ship "Imperial" slightly 
      damaged, S.S. "Essex" damaged by two hits and one near 
3. M.S. Trawler "Nadine" attacked by Heinkel air 
      craft off Yarmouth a.m. March 8th was not damaged but she severely 
      damaged and set on fire the aircraft with machine guns. Last 
      seen diving towards the sea.
4. Two East Coast Convoys bombed p.m. March 9th off Aberdeen 
      Coast - no damage - but one ship of channel convoy in the Straits 
      of Dover was hit by bombs night of March 9th/10th.
5. Military. South East Europe. Total German divisions in 
      South East Europe now probably twenty-eight. Total of thirty 
      to thirty-two divisions may be reached in the near future. Approximately 
      thirteen German divisions reported in Bulgaria.
6. Royal Air Force. March 9th and March 9th/10th. No operations 
      by bomber command owing to weather.
7. Albania. On March 8th eighteen medium bombers escorted 
      by fighters bombed Tepelene and large enemy convoys in the vicinity.
8. Ethiopia. Medium bombers from Aden dropped two and one-half 
      tons of bombs onDiredawa.
9. German Air Force. March 9th. In earling norning twelve 
      Messerschmidt 109's made an ineffective attack on Manston 
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