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1. Naval. Air reconnaissance p.m. March 10th showed Hipper 
      cruiser out of dry-dock and alongside jetty.
2. One destroyer was seriously damaged and a mine sweeping 
      trawler and submarine floating dock sunk in air attack on Portsmouth 
      night of March 10th/llth.
3. Same night destroyer "Holderness" destroyed by 
      direct hit from four inch guns an enemy aircraft minelaying in 
      the Thames Estuary.
4. A British ship (5,250 tons) was torpedoed and sunk by a 
      submarine in the North Thames approaches on March 8th.
5. Military- Balkans. There are now probably twenty-eight 
      German divisions in south-east Europe. Increased railway movements 
      into Roumania are reported and a total of thirty - thirty-two 
      divisions may well be reached in the near future.
6. Eight German divisions including motorised divisions have 
      entered Bulgaria via Dobrudja. Troop movements were reported 
      in the various districts between March 9th/10th and large petrol, 
      munition and food dumps at Karmovat. It would appear that about 
      thirteen German divisions are represented in Bulgaria although 
      several are unlikely to be at full strength.
7. Royal Air Force. Night of March 9th/10th. Thirty-nine heavy 
      and medium bombers attacked three Channel ports and nineteen 
      heavy bombers raided industrial area of Cologne. Two aircraft 
      are missing.
8. Albania. Night of March 8th/9th. Harbour installations 
      at Durazzo were successfully attacked by our bombers.
9. March 9th. Fifteen Gladiators engaged a formation of thirty-five 
      enemy bombers and thirty fighters over /Kelcyre. 
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