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1. (A) Naval. Home` waters: attacks by aircraft.
      Norwegian ship (1,530 tons) damaged off west coast on 10th has 
      % reached port in tow.
      Night of the llth/12th. Attack on ships in Manchester Ship Canal 
      resulted in one British (6,000 tons) and one Swedish ship (1,200 
      tons) being sunk and two British ships (totalling 16,900 tons) 
      damaged. Daylight of the 12th. One British ship (7,000 tons) 
      in home-bound convoy with cargo of wheat seriously damaged off 
      west English coast and two British ships (totalling 8,670 tons) 
      were bombed off the East Coast.
(B) By mines. One Dutch ship (400 tons) damaged off the South 
      west English coast.
2. Mediterranean. Two French ships (totalling 3,060 tons) 
      passed Gibraltar west bound March 11th escorted by a French mine 
3. Military. Italian Somliland. Our troops occupied Dagahbur 
      (100 miles south south east of Jijiga). On March l0th. Enemy 
      losses since our crossing Juba River on February 17th now estimated 
      at over 31,000.
4. Yugoslavia. All armies now mobilising. Covering troops 
      in position on all frontiers on which attack by Germany and Italy 
      can come.
5. Turkey. One division has moved to Recomza area from near 
      Uzunkopru and a second division from the same area is reported 
      to have moved to East Ergen River in support. Troops in Catalca 
      line have been reinforced by one division.
6. Royal Air Force. Night of 12th/13th. Total of 255 aircraft 
      dispatched. Main targets Berlin (72), Hamburg (88), Bremen (86), 
      Boulogne and Calais (7). Preliminary
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