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Telegram received from London dated March 14th, 1941.
      His Majesty's Sloop SCARBOROUGH intercepted two Norwegian whalers 
      sent in prize by German raider in South Atlantic, 350 miles west 
      of Cape Finisterre, March 13th. Both whalers scuttled themselves, 
      officer, 7 ratings and 22 Norwegians were picked up.
2. Minesweeper MILFORD QUEEN attacked and almost certainly 
      destroyed a D.O. 17 off Great Yarmouth, March 12th.
3. Submarine TRIUMPH sank two merchant vessels of 2,500 tons 
      each anchored off Melito South of Italy. 
4. Correction to casualties at Portsmouth.
      Night of March 10th/11th. Services: 54 killed, 113 wounded. Civilians, 
      10 killed, 131 wounded. This was for the whole of the Hampshire 
      area, not only Portsmouth.
      There is reliable evidence that German forces in Tripolitania 
      continue to be re-inforced mainly by armoured units. Total German 
      strength so far thought not to exceed 1 division.
6. Royal Air Force.  Night of March 12th/13th. Bombing results 
      very satisfactory. Targets hit included Blohm and Voss shipyard, 
      Hamburg, Focke Wulf factory, Bremen, industrial and docks area 
      in Berlin and docks at Boulogne.
7. March 13th. 9 fighter squadrons carried out sweep over 
      Northern France some escorting medium bombers to attack Calais 
      aerodrome. During day 3 enemy
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