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      Britomart bombed in Rye Bay on March 15th has proceeded to harbour. 
      Officer commanding and 88 killed.
2. P.M. March 15th. Four British merchant ships in area about 
      seven hundred miles west - North-west from Azores made enemy 
      raider signals, two reported being shelled. Further signal received 
      indicated one ship being abandoned. 
3. During air raid on Manchester 11/12th 10 merchant ships 
      damaged in varying degrees. One sank.
4. A.M. March 16th. British forces successfully landed east 
      and west of BERBERA supported by bombardment by His Majesty's 
5. Photographs A.M. of March 15th show HIPPER class cruiser 
      ships off Ostend attacked by bomber command aircraft p.m. March 
      15th. One ship near miss. LORIENT attacked by aircraft night 
      of March 15th/16th. Seventeen mines were detonated home waters 
      March 15th.
6. R.A.F. Night of March 15th/16th. Weather conditions reduced 
      operations; 37 aircraft were sent to LORIENT submarine base and 
      21 to industrial target at Dusselldorf; one aircraft has not 
7. Albania. Over Kelcyre on March 14th fifteen British fighters 
      intercepted an enemy formation of 15 bombers escorted by 36 fighters 
      and definitely destroyed seven enemy aircraft and probably five 
      more. Two of our fighters shot down but pilots saved.
8. German Airforce. March 15th. Strong defensive patrols were 
      maintained in Dover Straits. A few aircraft penetrated a short 
      distance over Kent; our fighters probably destroyed one Messerschmidt 
9. Night of March 15th/16th. About l00 enemy aircraft /were 
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