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1. NAVAL. Part of Suez Canal open; Southern portion remains 
2. British Indian troops landed each side of Berbera dawn 
      March 16th British flag again flew over the town. H.M.S. GLASGOW 
      and destroyers silenced some artillery and M.G. fire. 100 prisoners 
      more coming in. Our casualties negligible.
3. Three more merchant ships reported attacked by raider in 
      the Atlantic on March 16th. H.M.S. Rodney sighted warship raider 
      and probably tanker p.m. of March 16th. She chased but lost the 
      enemy warship which disappeared in a North-easterly direction 
      in the dark. The tanker also got away in the dark.
4. NIGHT OF MARCH 14/15th. Swordfish aircraft attacked shipping 
      at Valona, scored one hit with torpedo.
5. MILITARY ERITREA. On March 15th attacks were launched against 
      Keren. A peak 3 miles west of the town was captured and a footing 
      gained on the heights 2½ miles Southwest of Keren. Strong 
      enemy resistance encountered.
6. ALBANIA. Italian offensive appears broken for the present. 
      The Greeks claim 3000 prisoners and very heavy casualties to 
      four Italian formations.
7. GREECE. Civilian morale at Athens is good; less satisfactory 
      in Salonika. Large number of refugees moving westwards from Thrace 
      and E. Macedonia.
8.ROYAL AIR FORCE. Night of March 16/17th. All operations 
9. ALBANIA. Aerodromes at Berat and Valona were bombed on 
      March 15th. A petrol dump was set on fire and four aircraft destroyed 
      on the ground.
10. ETHIOPIA. The same day S. African Airforce Hurricanes 
      shot down 2 enemy fighters over Diriedawa and destroyed
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