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Telegram from London dated March 18th.
1. Naval. Hipper class cruiser has left Breste.
2. 23 mines were detonated on the l7th, between Shoeburyness 
      and Sheppey.
3. Dutch 7000 ton merchant ship torpedoed p.m. March 17th 
      200 miles west of Daker.
4. At 05.52 March 18th, coastal Beaufort Aircraft sank 5000 
      ton enemy merchant vessel off Frisian Islands.
5. Three convoys in the Thames Estuary were bombed March l7th, 
      but only one ship of 2200 tons damaged.
6. Military. South East Europe. Minimum of 32 German divisions 
      now believed to be in South East Europe, of these - 13 including 
      possibly two armoured and three motorised - believed to be in 
      Bulgaria. Several more divisions probably moving into Bulgaria 
      from Rounmania. 
7. Albania. Italian casualties in recent operations reported 
      by Greek sources 25,000 - excluding 3,000 prisoners. 15,000 of 
      these believed to have been suffered by three divisions.
8. British Somaliland. Berbera Harbour has been swept and 
      unloading of stone is in progress. Air reconnaissance reports 
      no signs of the enemy on the roads leading to Berbera.
Eritrea. To 9.30 p.m. March 16th. North of Keren-Agordat road 
      our troops have maintained their positions. On the 16th, 200 
      of the enemy surrendered west of Keren, and on the South Road 
      our troops captured the heights 2 1/2 miles Southwest of Keren, 
      taking 400 prisoners and repelling two counter attacks. Total 
      number of prisoners estimated at 800; some said that our bombing 
      and artillery have inflicted heavy casualties.
10. Royal Air Force. Night of 17th/18th. 82 Bombers were sent 
      to Wllhelmshaven-Bremen and Rotterdam.
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