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Telegram from London dated March 20th.
1. Naval. 15 U-boats at Dieppe on March 18th and on March 
      19th. 14 U-boats at Lorient.
2. Helvellyn, small anti-aircraft  %ship bombed and sunk Surrey 
      Dock night of 19th-20th.
3. Supplies of forces Western Desert being maintained through 
      Mersa-Tobruk. All other captured N. African ports useable except 
      Benghazi where anti-aircraft defences still weak.
4. Naval aircraft laid mines at Tripoli night of March l8th-19th, 
      also bombed and scored one hit and two near misses on 7,000 ton 
      ship and started fires on the Quays.
5. On the 9th Utmost torpedoed merchant ship heavily laden 
      believed carrying troops. Ship believed sunk. On the l0th the 
      Unique sank escorted Italian merchant ship of 2600 tons 100 miles 
      off Tripoli.
6.Royal Air Force. Night of 19th-20th. 36 heavy bombers sent 
      to attack industrial area Cologne and two oil depots Rotterdam. 
      All returned safely.
7. Night of l?th-18th. Heavy bombers dropped 7 ½ tons 
      of bombs on docks at Durazzo and following day 7 medium bombers 
      escorted by Gladiators attacked enemy camps and mechanical transport 
      in Tepelene area.
8. German Air Force. 19th. Only slight enemy activity. Our 
      fighters destroyed one enemy bomber and one fighter; we lost 
      one Hurricane.
9. Night of 19th-20th. A concentrated attack by about 250 
      aircraft made on London. One enemy aircraft reported destroyed 
      by anti-aircraft and another damaged by night fighters. Large 
      number of fires of which 16 were major. About 1600 pumps used 
      and all fires under control by 6.30 a.m. Attack chiefly fell 
      on docks and East End causing considerable
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