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      March 19th, 1941.
1. Naval One anti-submarine trawler sunk and one slightly 
      damaged by Fokke-Wulf aircraft ninety miles West-No %rth of Blacksod 
      Bay on March 16th.
2. Expect Suez Canal to be reopened March 19th.
3. During night of March 16-17 Tripoli Harbour bombed and 
      large fires started. A Swordfish aircraft torpedoed at Valona 
      a cruiser or destroyer. Other Swordfish also attacked shipping 
      at Durazzo scoring two certain - two probable - hits.
4. R.A.F. Night of March 17-18. During raids on Wilhelmshaven 
      and Bremen three enemy night-fighters were shot down by our bombers.
5. Night of March 18-19. 162 Aircraft were sent to attack 
      industrial objectives at Kiel (100 heavies) and Wilhelmshaven 
      (43 Medium) and upper Harbeur at Rotterdam. All but one have 
6. G.A.F. March 18. A few enemy fighters penetrated inland 
      over Kent and Sussex and some reconnaissance flights were reported. 
      Our fighters destroyed two enemy aircraft. 
7. Night of March 18-19. About 390 enemy aircraft were operating 
      an area East of a line - Isle of Wight - of these 100 have attacked 
      Hull, Middleborough and Scarborough and about 230 were active 
      against the Midlands and East Anglian Aerodromes. The remainder 
      were engaged in Bristol Channel and Southampton areas and in 
      mine laying. About 40 passed over London. No fighter interceptions 
8. Aircraft casualties - over and from the British Isles.
      German - 5 destroyed.
      British - 1 bomber missing. 
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