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NAVAL. 8charnhorst and Gneisenau sighted by Naval aircraft 
      at 18.30 hours March 20th about 600 miles West North-west of 
      Finisterre, course North 20 knots. Low visibility prevented night 
      shadowing or attack by aircraft. Hunt by Naval Forces today.
2. Suez Canal open 19th. Illustrious through. 
3. Rosaura armed boarding vessel mined and sunk off Tobruk 
      p.m. 18th.
4. P.M. 20th. Coastal aircraft made several attacks on E. 
      Boats off the east coast, dive bombing and machine gunning. Several 
      near misses and many hits by machine guns.
5. A Beaufort near missed a drifter off Ame-land. Crew abandoned 
6. Between the 12th and l7th Naval aircraft at Valona torpedoed 
      20,000 tons liner, 8,000 tons merchant ship and scored direct 
      bomb hit on cruiser or large destroyer.
7. At Durazzo Naval Aircraft scored hits on two ships.   
8. Strong Force of heavy bombers attacked Lorient night of 
      20th/21st, also extensive mine-laying carried out by aircraft 
      at various occupied ports.
9. R.A.F. Night of 20th/21st. 24 heavy bombers including three 
      Wellesleys sent to Naval Base at Lorient and 42 mine-laying aircraft 
      to occupied Atlantic ports. All returned but one.
10. GERMAN AIR FORCE. Night of 20th/21st. 150 enemy aircraft 
      plotted, of total 15 probably mine-laying. Plymouth and London 
      attacked by 65 and 45 aircraft respectively. Plymouth many fires
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