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1. NAVAL. Last week the first occasion since the beginning 
      of August 1940 on which imports in convoy into the United Kingdom 
      exceeded 1 million tons.
2. During the week ending March 19th 822 ships convoyed and 
      10 lost in convoy.
3. Two enemy battle cruisers and a destroyer reported by aircraft 
      130 miles WSW from BREST P.M. March 21st steering East. The weather 
      has impeded further search.
4. R.A.F. March 21st. Nine medium bombers attacked Enemy shipping 
      off the Dutch and Belgian Coasts; a direct hit reported on the 
      stern of 5,000 ton tanker.
5. Night of March 21st-22nd. Eighty aircraft sent out -- 66 
      to Lorient, 6 to OSTEND - 7 on mine-laying and one to drop leaflets 
      over BRITTANY. Two not yet reported back.
6. G.A.F. Little activity.
7. Night of March 21st-22nd. About 170 employed chiefly against 
8. HOME SECURITY. PLYMOUTH. Night of March 20th-21st. Casualties 
      estimated at 95 killed and 300 wounded. Night of March 21st-22nd. 
      Many thousands of incendiary bombs dropped in addition to H.E. 
      's. Fires more serious than on the previous night, and direct 
      water supply failed. Owing to dislocation of telephone service 
      during previous night and to the movement of the report centre, 
      details so far are incomplete but only slight damage to dockyard 
      and Naval establishments reported. The municipal buildings, the 
      G.P.O. and an area around the Guildhall reported burned. 
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