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8. German Air Force. March 22nd. Some minor unsuccessful attacks 
      made on shipping off the East Coast.
9. Night of March 22nd/23rd. Activity negligible. One H.E. 
      111 hit a balloon cable at Hull and crashed and another aircraft 
      was damaged by anti-aircraft fire.
10. On March 22nd, ten Junkers 88's preceded by twelve M.E. 
      109's bombed Grand Harbour, Malta, damaging buildings in the 
      dockyard. Eight Hurricanes intercepted and destroyed one M.E. 
      109. One Hurricane was shot down and four others have not returned.
11. Aircraft casualties over and from the British Isles.
      German: one destroyed, one damaged.
      British: two bombers missing, March 21st/22nd.
12. Home Security.
      London. Night of March 19th/20th. Casualty figure 461 killed.
      Plymouth. Nights of March 19th/20th/21st/22nd. Preliminary estimate 
      about 150 killed and 230 seriously wounded. 5,000 persons homeless; 
      trunk water mains intact but supply interrupted in some districts. 
      Serious fire damage to East side of one dock. 
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